MW Counter-Trend Traders Pack

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MW Counter-Trend Traders Pack

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Take advantage of these powerful indicators to identify trend reversals

10 of the best counter-trend studies from the ThinkOrSwim™ Study Library, now for MotiveWave!

Uses innovative techniques to identify trend reversals using divergence, overbrought/oversold conditions and momentum shift

Additional trend reversal detection methods that are used are trendline breaks, support and resistance failures and cycle analysis

Studies are in the same look and feel as ThinkOrSwim™ but for your  MotiveWave platform!

Enhance your counter-trend trader's toolbox with these studies

All the studies included in this pack are listed below: 

Bollinger Bands Divergence

Directional Movement Index (DMI) - Reversal Alerts

Higher High Lower Low Stochastic

Linear Regression Reversal

Major Gann Levels

Marker Indicator

MESA Sine Wave

Price Momentum Oscillator

Triple ADX Cluster

TTM Squeeze

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